How to run MicroPython on ESP8266 (WiThumb IoT Board)

I built an IoT WiFi development board called “WiThumb” and am running a campaign on KickStarter to make WiThumb available to more people.


WiThumb Overview
WiThumb Overview

One of the frequently asked question is whether it runs MicroPython. So, I decided to give it a try.

My first attempt is to run “Hello World”. Upon doing some research, I stumbled upon a great tutorial published by Adafruit. For those who wants to know all the details, please check out this page:

MicroPython Firmware for ESP8266

For me, I simply do the followings to flash the pre-compiled firmware.

  1. Download the pre-compiled micropython firmware for ESP8266 from here
  2. Unzip the firmware and use ESP8266 Flasher to flash WiThumb

Interactive prompt

In this first trial, I used the Serial Monitor from Arduino IDE to issue commands manually.

By typing in the followings, it prints the Hello World for me from WiThumb

Running MicroPython on WiThumb. Flashing LED light.
Running MicroPython on WiThumb. Flashing LED light.

Future Work

In the near future, I will try to test out the WiFi and temperature sensor that are part of WiThumb. Stay tuned.

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